When to wear a
Knee Brace

Knee braces can reduce the risk and prevent injury plus support your knees and stop joint pain.
They can also help you recover from surgery or serious injuries, though understanding your specific situation and needs is critical in selecting the right support or brace to benefit you.

Types of Knee Supports & Braces

There are many types of knee supports and braces to choose from, such as Knee Sleeves, Bands and Wraps, Soft Hinged Braces or Rigid Hinged Braces.
Soft Sleeves, bands and wraparounds are designed for pain relief and palliative adjustments. They provide compression and mild support. Depending on the exact style, they can also push different parts of the joint into alignment without the risk of injury.
Soft Hinged Braces provide moderate support and are most commonly used to help your knee recover after surgery or from injury. The hinge and external stays take pressure off the ligaments and bones so that you can return to light movement and recreation.
Rigid Hinged Braces provide a maximum of support and limit movement. This type of brace is best for recovering from surgery plus preventing knee injuries in sports such as Motocross, Mountain Biking, Alpine and Water Sports.

What's the right knee brace for me?

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