POD K700 Pad Set

POD K700 Pad Set RT

POD K700 Pad Set


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Replacement Pad Set for the POD K700 Knee Brace.

  • One set is a replacement of one brace. If you need a replacement for two braces, you’ll need two sets.
  • Compatible with POD K700 Knee Brace only.

Please check your POD K700 Brace size before you buy.

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The replacement Pad Set for the K700 Knee Brace allows you to keep using your brace with maximum comfort for a longer time.


  • Upper Frame Liner
  • Lower Frame Liner
  • 2 Thin Hinge Pads
  • 2 Thick Hinge Pads
  • 2 Strap pads

Compatible with K700 Knee Braces only.

POD K700 Pad Set LT

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